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Don’t let the season changes prevent you from improving your fitness.

Many people consider the next few months their “off season,” which makes it easy to miss a workout. Don’t fall into this trap! Training and taking care of your body should be done year round, not just when you’re planning on being in a swimsuit.

Luckily, I’ve come up with five tips below to keep you motivated during the colder season!

1. Train indoors.
Cold weather got you down? One of my favorite things to do when the weather isn’t great is to jump on my treadmill or go to a MWM fitness class. Training indoors can be fun with others around you and mixing it up can really add some much needed motivation to your workout plan.

2. Make a plan.
A sure-fire way to stay motivated is to make a plan and stick to it. Maybe there’s an upcoming event or early season race you have your eye on? Follow a training plan, join a MWM running program, or set a weekly workout goal with an MWM trainer or take classes to help hold you accountable.

3. Stay consistent.
If you want to maintain what you’ve gained and also improve, then stay consistent and don’t stop. Take rest days as needed, but try not to take long stretches of time off. When you have to start from ground zero, it can be difficult and frustrating, because what once was easy will be hard.

4. Watch what you eat.
People gain more weight during the holidays than any other time of year. With all the unhealthy meals, sugar-coated desserts, holiday parties, and reasons to celebrate, there are temptations left and right. It’s of course okay to indulge here and there, but remember your goals and stay mindful of what you’re eating.

5. Prioritize your workout.
With shorter days and longer to-do lists, you may feel too busy to get a 30-minute workout in. But getting your daily dose of endorphins is crucial. So make sure your workout is at the top of your list and that it gets done first.

Hopefully these tips help you stay active and healthy as the weather changes. Good luck and stay strong this holiday season!



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